Workshop Loyalty Card

Everyone who attends or has attended a workshop is eligible to receive a loyalty card.

How it Works!

Get 5%, 10%, 15% & 25% discounts off future workshops.

To qualify for these discounts:

For your 3rd workshop receive a 5% discount

For your 4th workshop receive 10% discount

For your 5th workshop receive 15% discount

For your 6th workshop receive 25% discount

Each time you attend a workshop your card will be stamped. When you qualify for a discount, a discount code will be written on your card.

To redeem your discount, you must book your workshop through our website

When you go through the checkout process you will have the option to add your discount code.

Please note:

Discount codes are unique and may only be used once.

They are for workshops only and are not transferable.

They cannot be used with any other offer.

Discount codes expire after one year.