New Macramé Water Bottle Bag for Summer!


Summer is here, & we have the perfect accessory for you on these long hot sunny days!

Introducing our Macramé Water Bottle Bag!

"I love this light & easy bag for my reusable ice cold water bottle. I take it everywhere when I'm out and about like going to the gym, beach or even shopping. I'd be lost without it'' Paula.

Made from a soft, flexible & durable recycled cotton cord in a range of colours, there's a choice of two different strap lengths offering a cross body style or simple over the shoulder handle.
I lovingly hand make every one of these cute bags. Each one involves lots of platting & over 65 macramé knots taking time and patience but it's well worth it because the end result is so practical & looks great!
Perfect for summer, holidays, festival, walking the dogs or whatever else you love to get up to!

12 stylish colours are available:
Light Grey
Blush Pink
Bright Pink
Cream & gold sparkle
Dark Peacock

We are currently offering free delivery on these as well!

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